Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development Download
Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development
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Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development

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Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development Download

Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development | Size: 2.80 GB

Volume Profiling with Strategy Development By Axia Futures help you accelerate you learning process; it is very thorough with the principles of Volume Profiling and helps you understand them visually with the market replay functionality. You have thoroughly enjoyed the course content and the way Brannigan has used the Learning feedback loop to bridge the gap between his theoretical principles and trading reality. BtY THE END OF THIS MODULE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO:

  • Understand why professional traders choose volume profiling as preferred trading tool
  • Define between objective and subjective market analysis
  • Develop your own unique trading edge, by following a step-by-step process
  • Identify the various lime frame participants within multiple markets
  • Interpret the key principles that define an auction process
  • Identify and apply the key metrics of a market profile
  • Recognize and utilize volume profile anomalies
  • Develop a process of trading with volume profiling as your tool
  • Answer the questions at the end of each part and update your own trading playbook
  • Understand advanced profiling principles Recognize six day types that occur in profiling Determine when a market is in balance or out of balance Determine who is in control at different points in the auction process Identify and use key profile metrics like HVN, LVN, tails, gaps
  • Master the value area
  • Develop your own unique strategies with advanced understanding of profiling techniques
  • Identify the four different types of open patten
  • Interpret trade location and variation of price within value area
  • Determine the trade location within the value iirea and range – 3 variations
  • Utilize the open trade – 4 patterns
  • Understand and use composite volume profiles
  • Interpret the significance of volume m the volume profiling
  • Differentiate and use high volume and low volume to formulate strategies
  • Develop your own pre-open trading routine and trading templates

Course Contents:


  • Overview of Volume Profiling with Strategy Development Course FREE


  • Introduction to the Course FREE


  • How to Download, Edit and Complete The Playbook


  • How to Activate, Setup and Use the Free Sim Trading Platform


  • PART 1 – What, How and Why of Volume Profiling
  • PART 2 – Participants within the Auction Process
  • PART 3 – Volume Profiling Elements
  • PART 4 – Volume Profiling in Action


  • PART 5 – Principles: Symmetry, Day Types, Price Behaviour and Trading Process
  • PART 6 – Bracketing, Trending, Market Balance, Trade Location and Market Open Strategies
  • PART 7 – Auction Identifiers, Point of Control, Anomalies and High/Low Volume Areas
  • PART 8 – Control Identifiers, Profile Strategies and Volume Profiling Templating


  • PART 9 – Anomaly Volume Profiling Strategies
  • PART 10 – Momentum Volume Profiling Strategies
  • PART 11 – Trending Volume Profiling Strategies
  • PART 12 – Reversal Volume Profiling Strategies

Axia Futures – Volume Profiling with Strategy Development Download

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