Charisma School – The Unblocking Process Download
Charisma School – The Unblocking Process
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Charisma School – The Unblocking Process

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Charisma School – The Unblocking Process Download

Charisma School – The Unblocking Process | Size: 952.3 MB

About the course:

Here’s what you’ll learn inside “The Unblocking Process”

  • How to UNBLOCK difficult emotions.
  • How to never allow negative feelings to solidify in your body again. Catch them before they are too ingrained!
  • Unblock your body literally from head to toe! Leave no stone unturned as you dig as deep as you ever went for the stored negativity.
  • Feel exactly what is a block – without the shadow of a doubt
  • Push the reset button of your body and energy and return to your natural magnetic state
  • How to eliminate all excuses and “I cant’s” and effectively turn them around to “I CAN”, placing you in a powerful place where you can do anything.
  • SUPERCHARGE your energy body by working deeply with tension energy as you never did before – in a way that you don’t just understand it, you INTERNALIZE IT.
  • Allow the energy methods to automatically bring out the hidden blocks of your body
  • UNCOVER YOUR TRUE INNER POWER – Stop escaping all the things you feel bad about yourself. Re-own EVERYTHING, feel good about yourself NOW and start aligning your goals with your authentic desires.
  • Unblock inside of yourself your day-to-day anxieties as well as your deepest inner fears
  • The Guided Sessions get you ACTUALLY DOING the exercises as they should be done instead of just intellectualizing them
  • Develop the skills to realize when you have a sabotaging program running in the background, identify when it started, and show you how to eliminate it completely – at the source.
  • By using tension energy, not only you achieve a more efficient release of negative blocks, but you are also increasing your personal magnetism – since tension energy is the energetic basis of personal magnetism, so you are effectively killing two birds with one stone!
  • An in-depth audit of WHO YOU ARE and what you are truly feeling!
  • Knock out energetic negativity that stops you from living a powerful and magnetic life
  • Dissolve your self-imposed walls of inner limitation… allow your power to fully shine!

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