Cloud9Nine Trading Course 2023 Download
Cloud9Nine Trading Course 2023
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Cloud9Nine Trading Course 2023



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Cloud9Nine Trading Course 2023 Download

About Course:

30+ hours of recorded education.

Module 1

Location Filters

  • Introduction to Auction Market Theory (AMT)
  • ​AMT Foundations, Setups, and How to Find Levels
  • ​Creating a Story
  • Acceptance
  • Trading the ‘Current Auction’
  • ​The Secret Sauce Behind AMT Levels
  • ​AMT Setup Variations, Nuances, and Rules of Thumb
  • ​Execution with Strike Zones
  • Seeing the AMT Chess Board
  • Market Profile Patterns
  • ​BA Types & BA Quality
  • ​How to Create CAs and LIS Levels​

Module 2

Order flow Execution

  • ​Reading Delta & Positioning
  • ​How to REALLY Read Cumulative Delta the Right Way.
  • ​Secret ingredients of a Reversal
  • Absorption | Whales & Sharks
  • ​Footprint Reading: Exhaustion
  • ​​Advanced Absorption: Absorption Thresholds
  • ​Advanced Orderflow: Absorption Walls
  • ​Advanced Orderflow: Quantifying Orderflow
  • ​Advanced Orderflow: Turning the Numbers into Relative Percentages

Module 3

Trade Management

​AMT Nuances and Variations
​How to Add to Winners the Right Way
​Profit Management
​Risk Management
​How to Bet Size the RIGHT Way: A Data Driven Approach
​Market Profile Patterns
​How to Bet Size, The Right Way
​​How to Deal with Balance
​​The CBT Process
​​Combining AMT with the power of Statistics
​Creating SOPs
​​OT’s 9 Laws of AMT

Module 4

Mental Management

  • Optimal Trade Locations, Mental Game, & ​Trade Visualizations.
  • ​Outcome Permutation Visualizations.
  • ​Thinking in Bets & High RR Locations.
  • ​Post RTH Recap Visualization.

Cloud9Nine Trading Course 2023 Download


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