Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading) Download
Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading)
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Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading)



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Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading) Download

Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading) | Size: 1.23 GB

About Course:

Liquidity Inducement Trading
✖️My journal representing daily recaps of my personal Liquidity Inducement Trap trades

A trading journal is a log that you can use to record your trades. Traders use a trading journal to reflect upon previous trades so that they may evaluate themselves, and you should too! You can use journals to evaluate where you can improve your trading. They are a useful form of record keeping.

Why trading journals are useful

Main reasons to keep a trading journal include:

✅They help you identify weak points and strong points in your style.
✅Journals could increase trading consistency.
✅The journal could keep you accountable.
✅The journal can help you choose your best trading strategy.

Keeping a journal is a simple yet extremely effective way to improve a trading plan. A trading plan is a set of rules and guidelines you will follow that includes strategy, risk management, and trader psychology.

Cyzners Trading Journal (Algo Trading) Download

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