John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email Download
John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email
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John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email

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John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email Download

John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email | Size: 292.3 MB


The Most Valuable Email trick is my go-to whenever I want to stimulate and engage my readers, including the many grizzled, wary, and sophisticated marketers and copywriters on my list.

The Most Valuable trick is not predictable. In fact, most people find it surprising and pleasing if they ever do spot it in use.

Because of this, Most Valuable Emails have helped me sell stuff… grow my email list organically… get amazing job referrals… and sometimes even get interesting and cool stuff for free.

Most Valuable Emails never required I have any status or authority. Instead, they’ve helped me build up immediate and unquestionable authority — even when I had no standing in this industry. These emails make it 100% clear I know what I’m talking about, even when I don’t harp on about the great results I’ve had for clients or the testimonials or endorsements I’ve gotten.

What’s more, Most Valuable Emails have helped me create congruent and exciting offers, which people want to pay for, just by writing interesting content.

In fact, one Most Valuable Email I wrote started an accidental response frenzy, even when I had nothing to sell. Another Most Valuable Email became my best performing lead magnet, and got hundreds of new website visitors to sign up to my email newsletter and to start interacting with me.

And finally:

Most Valuable Emails are so valuable because I personally find them the most enjoyable to write. Going back to this type of email over and over has helped me stick with daily emailing for the long term. And each time I use the Most Valuable Email trick, it makes me a tiny but significant bit more valuable as a copywriter and marketer.

Discover my Most Valuable Email trick and start using it in under an hour from now:

  1. My Most Valuable Email training.This training explains what the Most Valuable Email trick is, and how you can use it, starting today. The training is delivered online, in a members-only area of my site. It’s mainly text — beautiful text that you can read, scan through, and search. And yes, there are also a few pictures to lighten the mood and even a video to illustrate a few important points.
  2. My Most Valuable Email Riddles.This is a set of prompts for Most Valuable Emails. These Riddles invite you to sit down and write up a 2-3 sentence description of how you would take a core idea and flesh it out using the Most Valuable Email trick. Once you do that, you can compare what you came up with to what I came up with, using the same prompts.
  3. My Most Valuable Email Swipes. This is a swipe file containing 51 of my most successful, influential, and interesting emails that use the Most Valuable Email trick. In each email, I highlighted the Most Valuable Trick in action, so you can spot it easily and quickly see how I use this trick over and over in different settings.

John Bejakovic – Most Valuable Email Download

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