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Liz Herrera – Crypto Profits U
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Liz Herrera – Crypto Profits U

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Liz Herrera – Crypto Profits U Download

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How the Program Works

The Crypto Profits U This 6-week online program is designed to help you build your confidence. Crypto Portfolio and how to make it Profitable in as little time as possible! With step-By-step proven methods, you’ll be taken by the hand and walked through the entire process This exact process has seen Cryptocurrency experts make up to $5,000 per day in profits.

After you have made your investment, you’ll be able to enjoy it. You will have immediate access It will begin by guiding you through each step.-By-Step format: How to sign-up for the Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Platforms you will Need, where you can invest your money and how you’ll take advantage the greatest wealth transfer opportunity that will NEVER Happen Again!

This tutorial is 100% for beginners. This program is intended for complete beginners without prior experience in investing or crytpocurrencies. This course will take you through the basics of investing and crytpocurrencies in just 6 weeks. Crypto Market, invest smart, and you will earn passive income. This is a unique opportunity.

Week One: Introduction To Cryptocurrencies

Building your Success Foundation is Easy!

  • The first week of this program focuses on building a foundation that will allow you to understand the world around you. CryptoYou can avoid the headaches that 98% of people experience. Crypto investors encounter later down the road when they don’t have the right systems in place.
  • PLUS, we’ll show you the Shortcut System to getting You will get a return of your investment in the first 28 days!
  • Everything you need to know about the Blockchain… For the TOTAL beginner
  • What is the future of Cryptocurrencies? Let’s take a look into the future to see what it holds. Crypto Is going.
  • How to set your own website Crypto Portfolio even if you don’t have any technical, financial, mathematical or business skills. This is important and will help you succeed. Keep up to date with your investments!

Week Two: The K.I.S.S. Crypto Method

Finding the Right Exchange for You…

  • You’ve never made an exchange with cryptocurrency? …no problem! We’ve got your back. We will even do exchanges 100% LIVE, Over the Shoulder, every time You are in front of it.
  • Step-By-The criteria we use when searching for profitable ALTcoins. We provide you with Here are the EXACT points to use You can also find some ALTcoin ideas to help you get started!
  • Security is an essential part of any business. We offer a huge deal and we show you how to keep your investment safe. We will help you keep your investment safe. Learn the Right Way You can rest assured that your accounts are secure so you don’t have to worry about where to invest.
  • Buy Your First Bitcoin! This is going to be fun and we’re going to walk you through the process step-By-step. This will be the beginning of your profitable business. Crypto Empire!

Week Three: Understanding Trading & the Market

Making you a Crypto Market Expert

  • Now that we’ve made our first BTC transaction and have a strong foundation… it’s time to MAXIMIZE your chances of being in the top.5% A large number of people are knowledgeable about Cryptocurrency
  • This course will give you a crash course in trading and market analysis. Start investing like an Expert Make more money in a shorter time!
  • What is aMarket prices are affected Learn how to buy or sell easily
  • Learn the market movement patterns So you can know when it is best to sell or buy!

Week Four: Passive Income from Mining

Here’s what you need to know to generate coins while you sleep

  • Now that we understand how to generate wealth actively in the market… let’s show you the different ways you can acquire coins with your eyes closed.
  • A deep understanding of Mining and how it can be used to your advantage Profit from this knowledge!
  • Cloud Mining: How to Calculate Profitability
  • Find out which platforms are the most profitable and how you can sign up.-By-step.
  • Strategies and tools Few people have ever heard of it.. These secrets and how to put them into practice will be revealed.

Week Five: Scale and leverage to become a whale

A Powerplay in the Crypto World for Big Money

  • Take a look inside coins that pay dividends, as we Walk you through each step-By-Step Through the entire process.
  • Get a behind the scenes look at how to invest in ICOs before they go public (allowing you to you buy at prices far lower than what everyone else will be paying for)… You will be ahead of the Mainstream.
  • Don’t forget that you will get 1 month free of our ICO newsletter Here you will find the ICOs in which we invest so that you can follow the wave.

Week Six: The Think Tank

Master tactics to scale your portfolio

  • Week 6 pulls back the curtains on the ever changing crypto market…
  • Master Nodes, Arbitrage, and more terms that if you are not already familiar… you will become an expert with.
  • Find out how Crypto How bots work and what you can do about them Make the most of machine power to your advantage.
  • Our collective network gathers and analyses data Everyday, hundreds of new insights are available to you to ensure you’re kept up to speed!

Bonus #1: The Never Seen Mindset Book

Learn from years of work and millions spent on experimentation!

Take a look inside the mind of a trader and 7-figure earner to see how it all works. Build your success mindset Just like the top dogs!

Discover how to turbocharge your mind with very simple strategies Get rid of EVERYTHING that is holding you back. … it’s simpler than you think.

You can implement strategic strategies immediately. No B.S.!

VALUE: $2,000.00!

Bonus #2: Get a FREE ticket to the CPU Live Event

Get in touch with Crypto Live Workshop for Investors!

Get 1 free ticket to our Orlando Live Event ($2,000 value).

This event will allow you to connect with Elizabeth Herrera and her team and well as high level Entrepreneurs… It’s a FREE Opportunity to Create Wealth So You Can Live Life On Your Terms!

You’ll see exactly what we are doing with Crypto As well as what we plan to do in the future.

We’ll take Live Q&A and do hot seats to help you 1-On-1 with your Crypto challenges… Avoid the pitfalls, get in the right mindset, and get support from experts in the trenches like you!

VALUE: $2,000.00!

Bonus #3: Private Facebook Mastermind Access

Ask questions, engage and learn with like-minded entrepreneurs

Ask questions and get quick answers if you have any questions. Crypto Profits U Program!

You can provide unique input and prioritize requests for new modules or lessons within the system. Crypto Profits U If you have any questions, please contact us!

You can exchange ideas, trade skills and collaborate with like-minded people within the Mastermind to skyrocket success and improve your company’s performance. The exclusive members of your group will encourage you to keep going and achieve success.

VALUE: $299.00!

Bonus #4: 3 Bonus Startup Success Webinars

Keep your feet on the ground and avoid common traps

We’ll take you by the hand and show you how to You can get to the ground quickly and you will be able to fast-start your success with Cryptocurrencies…

You’ll have your questions and the questions of others (For beginners as well as for advanced users,LIVE Answers Liz Other attendees of the event.

Even if you can’t attend these events, you’ll still have These recorded webinars are available for lifetime access in the Vault. These recordings will be available to you for reference at all times so that there is no need to worry about missing anything!

VALUE: $497.00!

Bonus #5 – 1 Month Free Access to V.I.P Trading Area

Get live updates about the exact trades the pros are making!

Direct access to all coaches Ask them ANYTHING!

Learn more Over The Shoulder Take a look at the EXACT trades Liz and the others in Closed Doors masterminds are making to build long term wealth…

VALUE: $97.00 per Month!

Bonus #6: One Month Free of the Matrix Newsletter

Receive In-Depth Information on Why Our Picks for Coins are Sure to Moon!

Researching ALTcoins can take several days of focus and analysis… but imagine all the time you’d save If you could have your own personal ALTcoin advisor.

A monthly report from analysts who have been around since 2013 is available

There’s no need to create your own recipe! Use a pro’s expertise developed after years and years of testing. We’ll hand you the Keys to Kingdom and deliver you the Top Picks with a detailed explenation so you aren’t left in the dark!

VALUE: $249.00 per Month!

Bonus #7: Backstage Pass for Hacks of an 8-Figure Earner

Discover What Less than 1% Knows About a Winner’s Mindset!

You don’t know what you don’t know… so let someone who’s been training for years walk you through their process on how they became an 8 figure gambler, trader, and continuous earner since 2000!

You can use the same strategies as those that helped. Liz Becoming a 7 figure per annum world-class poker player

A silver platter was presented to you. After many millions of dollars worth of experimentation

All tailored in an easy to understand format… These hacks can be applied to ANYTHING and put you in the ELITE .05% of people!

VALUE: $1,500.00!

Bonus #8: Blueprint on How to Collateralize Crypto

Scale fast and benefit from this little-known secret

Find the Unknown Strategy to multiply your wealth and gaining leverage over everyone else…

We’ll take you By the hand and show you Step-by-Step by step instructions on how to exchange your Altcoins for Ethereum Loans. This will allow you to cut down the learning curve and accelerate your portfolio scaling!

This One secret could make your investment pay off In Crypto Profits U alone!

VALUE: $999.00!

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