Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course Download
Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course
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Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course

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Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course Download

Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course | Size: 1.58 GB

About Course

Order Flow Trading Course: Understanding & Profiting From Market Generated Information As It Occurs

Orderflows charts are for active traders with adequate risk capital. It is suitable for intraday traders and swing traders alike and can be used for longer term position traders too. It is suitable for any trading instrument that has enough volume to create a true supply and demand driven market. It is not specific to any one particular trading instrument. It works for any time frame, no matter how short or how long.

What will you learn:

  • Learn how to identify high probability trading opportunities.
  • Learn to interpret market imbalance developments.
  • Learn to quickly identify trends and join them as soon as they begin.
  • Learn how to understand why the market behaves the way it does.
  • Learn to identify when prices are accepted or rejected by the market.
  • Learn to quickly read the order flow chart and identify market direction.
  • Learn to take trades that often times never move against you.

Introduction By Michael Valtos:

My name is Michael Valtos and since 1994 I have been trading for banks (JP Morgan and Commerzbank) as well commodity trading houses (Cargill and EDF Man) and for myself. While trading for the investment banks I learned how to get information out of the market and how to trade off that information into a profitable position; when there is an opportunity to earn a significant return relative to risk you get into a position. While trading at commodity trading houses I learned to think how commercial end-users think; you are always in a position just by being in that business whether or not you chose to hedge a position in the futures market. While trading for myself I learned to take low risk high return trades; I do not try and capture every random move in the market. What I look for is what I like to call “Stress Free Trades” which to me are low risk entries that have high profit potential. I have enough stress in my life I don’t want trading to add to it.

Order flow analysis is a visual representation of market price movements constructed by recording the volume traded on the bid and the offer as opposed to just looking solely at price. The value in order flow analysis is in instantly confirming market tops and bottoms when they form, determining where changes in supply and demand have occurred and providing insight into market psychology and market conditions.

Michael Valtos – Order Flow Trading Course Download

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