Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender Download
Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender
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Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender



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Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender Download

Hedge Fund Trender is based on an actual hedge fund trading strategy we used to win Top New (CTA) Hedge Fund Manager Class in Futures Magazine! For Stocks, Options, Futures, and Forex Markets Now you can use an enhanced version of the same trading strategy that we used to win Hot, New CTAs (Hedge Funds) Category in Futures Magazine.

The Hedge Fund Trender is designed to capture profits from significant directional price moves in any market, including stocks, options, futures, and forex markets. Be sure to take the time to understand how we recommend applying this powerful strategy to the markets.

Hedge Fund Trender built on actual Hedge Fund Strategy

When we launched our first hedge fund many years ago, we focused on utilizing a core group of robust trading strategies that were designed using time-tested algorithms. We wanted trading strategies that would be effective in capturing profits from significant directional price moves in the markets. Managing millions of dollars of actual client money with this strategy as one of our core strategies, we were recognized as a Hot New CTA (Hedge Fund) in Futures Magazine! But we have made a good thing better!

We worked to make the Hedge Fund Trender better than our original version by improving on the original strategy that helped us win the recognition in Futures Magazine. Our improvements were achieved by incorporated our new CBR ProTM Signal Technology. But that’s not all. We also designed a simple yet powerful trend following overlay to give traders the ability to both profit from price swings in markets and, if they choose, profit from long-term trends that unfold over time. It’s designed to be an All-In-One trading strategy!

Easy to Follow Trading Signals!

The Hedge Fund Trender makes powerful hedge fund trading signals easy for you to follow. You no longer have to worry about setting any complex parameter settings. All you have to do is follow the Dots. You choose two colors and let Hedge Fund Trender do the rest!

Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender Download


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