TradeAcc – The Profile Formula Video Course
TradeAcc – The Profile Formula Video Course
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TradeAcc – The Profile Formula Video Course



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TradeAcc – The Profile Formula Video Course


This is the first course that teaches you the basics of Volume Profile.

Unlike classic technical indicators that use past prices and no indication of the reasons for price moves…

The Volume Profile is a professional charting tool that provides real-time market-generated information.

This gives you a real vision of what can happen in the future.


In the world today…

Most retail traders are relying on strategies based on technical indicators that attempt to provide the secret of where to buy and where to sell…

…or they are relying on another trader to tell them what to do.

The Reality Is These Strategies Are Inefficient Due To 3 Major Problems That Tecnical Indicators Hide And That No One Is Talking About…

Technical indicators are referred to as lagging indicators because of how they are designed to work.

The market does something, an indicator takes that information, puts it into a formula, and plots out a line or a dot or something visual.

Following this as your core strategy puts you at a massive disadvantage, first by following it because in hindsight they usually display very clear patterns but those patterns or signals are only visible after some time has passed, and as it is being plotted… the signal isn’t there.

And secondly, because market information is changing fast. How can you compete if you are getting secondhand information…?
Following other people’s signals.

Trading requires you to develop a radical sense of personal responsibility.

If your main strategy is to outsource the responsibility and the decision making… You are doing something that is not sustainable.

TradeAcc – The Profile Formula Video Course


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