Simpler Trading - Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite Download
Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite
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Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite

Original price was: $2,197.00.Current price is: $19.99.


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Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite Download

Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite | Size: 16.10 GB

Stop Missing those “Hidden” Trades with John Carter

Many experienced Trader with wider range of knowledge still stuck in the market trap day by day.

All the achievement in a month that John Cater gotten was erased by stocks in just about one days. However, this attached to a overwhelming result, Cater explore the big secrete to beat the game in these bad conditions.

This is Elite version, You will get:

  • Strategy Class (Value $897)
  • E-Learning Module (Value $897)
  • John’s NEW Options 101 Course (Value $197)
  • Multi Squeeze Pro Indicator (Value $597)
  • Multi Histogram Indicator (Value $397)
  • Early In/Out Pro Indicator (Value $497)
  • 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading (Value $400)
  • Squeeze Pro Stats Tool (Value $397)
  • 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading (Value $400)

1. Stop Missing Hidden Trades Strategy Class

Get the system that helped John uncover 7-figure “Squeeze Pro” setups in TSLA, Bonds, metals, and GOOGL. That GOOGL trade by itself generated $5.2 million (John’s largest winner ever). Many of these trades would’ve been missed without the Multi-Squeeze Pro’s “superpower.”

This breakthrough tool makes it possible to spot explosive Squeeze Pro setups across ALL 18 timeframes at a glance — which was impossible before.

2. E-Learning Module

Also part of this package is the E-Learning Module. All the important sections of the course are
presented in video modules that are organized into specific training topics.

Like all recorded sections of this package, you can watch, study, and watch again everything the course has to offer from anywhere you have internet access — your phone, tablet, and computer.

Your course is available around the clock for your convenience.

3. New Options 101 Course

If you’re new to options, this class recording with John Carter gives you exactly what you need to know without bogging you down with confusing jargon or needless theory. You’ll learn the “Simpler way” to trade options so that you’re prepared to take full advantage of John’s tools and take action right away.

4. The Multi Squeeze Pro Indicator

The Multi Squeeze Pro indicator takes the Squeeze Pro to the next level when it comes to finding potentially big winners. For the first time, you can see when a symbol has the strongest Squeezes aligned across up to 18 timeframes. That includes ‘hidden’ timeframes most traders don’t know exist!

Available for ThinkorSwim.

5. The Multi Histogram Indicator

What could be better than seeing Squeeze Pro signals setting up on 18 timeframes? How about being able to tell at a glance if they’re bullish or bearish? Now you can.

For the first time, this breakthrough tool shows when a Multi Squeeze Pro setup has a larger timeframe momentum behind it (and when it doesn’t). The Multi-Histogram is designed to help you tell the difference between an opportunity for a quick profit from a potential monster move.

Available for ThinkorSwim.

6. The Early In/Out Pro Indicator

EarlyInNOut Pro is designed to give you an early ‘heads up’ and thereby an extra edge. It’s a leading indicator and this upgraded version is calibrated to the three Squeeze Pro power levels.

As the name suggests, the goal is to anticipate when momentum is about to turn AND when a Squeeze is about to fire. The goal is to increase your profit potential and also reduce risk with faster entry and exit timing.

Available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.

7. Squeeze Pro Stats Tool

If you really want to ‘geek out’, you can with this breakthrough analytical tool. As the name suggests, The Stats Tool enables you to plan out trades using historical Squeeze Pro performance details at the top of your charts.

The goal of this unprecedented analytical power is to allow you to see the average gain and duration of a Squeeze, on whatever chart and whatever timeframe you’re viewing. It can be applied to stocks, futures, forex, crypto — if you can trade it, you can measure it. It’ll also tell you how long the average Squeeze lasts before it fires, and how many Squeezes fired long vs. fired short. These stats are available for EACH Squeeze Pro level on any chart at a glance.

This makes it possible to anticipate the potential reward to help guide you in trade selection and management — based on actual data specific to the chart you’re viewing. Note: Options traders will absolutely LOVE these stats!

Available for ThinkorSwim and TradeStation.

8. Simpler Options

Simpler Trading community gets together to interact, ask questions, share ideas, and trade the market live.

9. 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading + 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading

With the Simpler Trading – Stop Missing those Hidden Trades Elite Package, you get everything in the Basic and Premium packages, plus two additional days of recorded Elite Live Trading. For traders who want to go to the next level quicker, this package includes four total days of recorded live trading with John Carter.

Simpler Trading – Stop Missing Hidden Trades Elite Download

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